Welcome to Bamboo Baby


I would like to say thank you to the following individuals who contributed their time, energy, support and expertise to make Bamboo Baby become a reality (not in alphabetical order):

Cindy Tam, Tara Siu, Helene Abrams, Jill Dalton, Jane & Tony Cheng, Delphia Lee, Grant Chang, Christine Yip, Gary Cheng, Tommy Cheng, Abbie Chan, Natalie Carter-Prince, Michael Prince, Evelyn Gotlib, Jane Ferrari, Carisa & Joseph Iannuzzi, Ginny Chow, Grant & Diana Kassap, Peter, Samantha & Elaina Kassap, Florence Eng, Xander, Samantha & Joshua Tan, Winnie & Ryanne Young, Jeanette Ng, Daniel & Rainbow Ko, Terry Dunker, Jimly Chong, Matthew Fleissig, Emil, Grant Gilliland, Sandra Jennings and Dr. Peter Wisch.

Last but not least,my husband Shawn, daughter Isis and baby Max.